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Updated: 10/06/2012 08:00:12AM

Where will you be on Election Day?

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The November election will soon be here. What will you do? Will you stand up for Charlotte County and America? Or will you stay home because you’re too tired, have too much work to do, have to fix meals for your family, don’t have a car and don’t want to ask someone for a ride. Or do you say your vote won’t make any difference, ‘they’ are going to put in the people they want anyway,” and besides you haven’t kept up on who says what so you really don’t know which people will do the best job of keeping our county, state and country on the right track.

Do you remember that you are an American? You reside in the United States of America, a republic. It is your duty as a citizen to help elect representatives to manage your county, your state and your country for you as you wish them to, not as they wish. Your voice must be heard.

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